Uncle Vernon
Photo by Christopher Caselli

Reviews, etc.

"There are shit-talking puppets, dancing skeletons, a drunken narrator, chicks shaking their bloomered money-makers (cabaret style)...If that is not enough to stir your interest, then you are a cold-souled communist robot, and there is no reasoning with the likes of you."
--The Austinist (read the rest)

"A menagerie of Waits-ian oddities and pairing it with well-executed renditions of his songs."
--The Statesman (read the rest)

Here's what we received in the mailbag from audience members after last year's show:

"Amazing!! I just saw the show and had to rush home and buy tickets for the last show next week. Your show was the best thing I have seen in years! Brilliant! I found myself in tears at the end, tears of pure respect and awe. Thank you, thank you so much for this wonderful experience."
--Kasey McCarty

"It was a classic Austin adventure, filled with creativity, pathos, and just the right sense of pizzazz."
-- Ray Schwartz

"Totally well-produced and extremely entertaining. I don't know how you guys got all that together… I wish it could go on for a few more weekends. "
-- Dave Woods

"The show was magnificent and I heard only raves about it…It was an honor."
-- Mimi Whittemore