Photo by Christopher Caselli

Ellen Stader and Rick McNulty

The Broken Clock Cabaret was born in a rented Lincoln Town Car during a typically long Texan road trip, as Rick and Ellen waxed at length about the bizarre and charming universe of Tom Waits. From that conversation rose an idea for a cartoony, creepy vaudeville show, complete with old-fashioned pleasures like a voyage at sea, a circus, and a shining city in the distance....

But the road trip eventually ended, and other images started seeping through to stain the fairy-tale pages--the graveyards, the whores, the drunks and broken dreams.... Eventually McNulty and Stader realized that, combined, the two opposing landscapes looked a lot like 'Tom's world.' So they kept the storybook images and covered them with a layer of grime, and over the span of a year transformed the whole thing into the lurid and lunatic spectacle.


Photo by Christopher Caselli

Ellen Stader (Choreographer / Queen Bee):

Farm girl, city chick, dog lover, burlesque arsonist, modern dancer/choreographer, den mother, gin drinker, quiltmaker, graffiti vigilante, Hoosier by birth, Texan by choice, a devoted doll among Dolls. Most gracious thanks to Tom and Kathleen, my darling co-producer Superfly, and my beloved community in Austin and beyond.

Photo by Christopher Caselli

Rick McNulty (Musical Director / Big Daddy):

City boy, dogfather, imperious musicologist, reformed musician, gin carouser, irreverent bon vivant, disc jockey, Austin's ambassador to Chicago, an all-around lucky bastard. Ceremonial toasts to Waits & Brennan, the glorious light of Ruby's glow, and the village of Austin for giving me reason to stay.