Shane Kullberg: Ringmaster

Shane was forcibly ejected from his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Popular for his portrayals of the Cowardly Lion and someone called "Phlegming," he's a company member of the Turtleback Puppet Theater and plays with MouseAbout and Nano & the Afternoons. Shane also has a big butt.


Megan Knotz: Irene Goodnight

Ever since she was a little girl, Megan Knotz's mother has wanted her daughter to be a Vegas Showgirl. After 20 years of dance training, including a performance on the White House South Lawn, the dream has crystallized. This one's for you, Mom!


Jessica Montgomery: Dancing Bear/
Vegas Showgirl

Jessica (aka Jeffery Lee Scoates) first achieved performing notoriety with the acrobatic/kabuki/ burlesque review Tight and Shiny For All, before appearing in the smash cult film Menace Wears a Garter. She is now training for the World Bare-Knuckle Cage Match Championships in Las Vegas.


Ellen Stader: You name it, she's in it

Ellen is a producer and creator of the Peepshow. She loves the Bear puppet more than she should. She is familiar with beastiality laws in both California and Texas.


Dot Smith: Puppeteer

Dot graduated from UT Austin with a Visual Arts Studies degree. She has performed with various puppet troupes for over six years. Dot enjoys moonrises, whiskey, and long walks in the rain.


Damp Heat: Maximillian Gropeworthy III/
Table Top Joe

Daniel P. Sxxxx likes long bike rides in Austin, yelling at his computer, and bursting into fits of uncontrollable crying. He has gotten raves at the elementary school D.A.R.E. play, the Christmas pageant, and a nice high school vaudeville skit where he played the mustachioed villain who ties the girl to the train.


Debra McAdoo: Reeperbahn Whore/
Cigarette Girl/Rain Dog/Gravedigger

Debra is a sweetpea flower princess who loves to read her Playboy every month and can kick your ass with her afro. She has been shaking her tailfeather in Austin for 6 years. Look for her in an upcoming rendition of "Who's Yo Mama".


Amy Cone: Reeperbahn Whore/
Rain Dog/Gravedigger

Amy lives out of her truck, loves to dance with the local art community, and is working on isolating the movement of the outer edge of her right eyebrow.

    There are even more...and they will be added shortly!